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Publications of Gross- Rosen Museum

Publications of the Museum Gross-Rosen available to buy in Museum Gross-Rosen in Rogoźnica and Wałbrzych.
Out of print books are available in The Gross-Rosen Museum’s library in Wałbrzych.

Polish Jews at Konzentrationslager Gross-Rosen
Wałbrzych 2021Dorota SulaThis book by Dorota Sula is not easy reading, but it’s essential for researchers of WWII. It is rich with examples of individual dramatic stories, examples of heroism, as well as apathy, and even ruthlessness forced by the extremely hard conditions of work at camps within the Gross-Rosen complex. [...] It will be an important tool for many regional activities on this important interface of three regions – Silesia, Czechia and Germany. (From the review by Prof. Dr hab. Andrzej Żbikowski).
Wałbrzych 2020Dorota Sula
Żydzi polscy w Konzentrationslager Gross-Rosen
Wałbrzych 2020Dorota Sula
Szkice z historii Konzentrationslager Gross-Rosen
Wałbrzych 2019Dorota Sula
Wałbrzych 2018Norbert Widok
KL Gross-Rosen - Nazi Concentration Camp in Lower Silesia 1940–1945
Wałbrzych 2017Alfred Konieczny
AL Friedland – filia KL Gross-Rosen w Mieroszowie
Wałbrzych 2014Aleksandra Kobielec
Losy nieewakuowanych więźniów obozu koncentracyjnego Gross-Rosen
Wałbrzych 2014Dorota Sula
Byłem w KL Gross-Rosen i Dyhernfurth. Wspomnienia lekarza-więźnia
Wałbrzych 2013Kazimierz Hałgas