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Regulations for using an electric cart

Regulations for using an electric cart at the site of Gross-Rosen Museum in Rogoźnica. German Nazi Concentration and Death Camp (1940-1945)

1. Gross-Rosen Museum will provide an electric cart free of charge along with any devices that facilitate access to exhibits (a stairclimber, ramps) to visitors with mobility needs, such people in wheelchairs or needing walking frames or crutches and their guardian.
2. Visitors using the electric cart may also rent an audio guide or take a guided tour. The current price list is available on the Museum’s website: www.gross-rosen.eu
3. When using an electric cart on the grounds of the former concentration camp Gross-Rosen one must comply with the directions of Museum’s employees.
4. To use a cart, one must make a reservation at least a week before the planned visit. It can be done by e-mail: koordynator.dostepnosci@gross-rosen.eu
5. Using a cart means accepting these regulations.