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Regulations for the use of audio guides

The use of an audio guide in Gross-Rosen Museum in Rogoźnica requires accepting the following regulations:

1. Gross-Rosen Museum in Rogoźnica is the sole owner of the audio guides.
2. Rental of an audio guide requires payment in advance. The fee is in accordance with the current price list of Gross-Rosen Museum that is available on the website www.gross-rosen.eu
3. The Museum does not ensure constant availability of audio guides and does not reserve them.
4. The Museum is required to hire a disinfected and technically efficient device. One may plug in their own earphones to the device.
5. An audio guide can be rented only by an adult. If the device is rented for a minor, their legal guardian takes full responsibility for the device.
6. The fee for renting a device shall be made in the Museum’s ticket office. Devices are available in the hall of Gross-Rosen Museum’s main building after the receipt is presented.
7. An audio guide shall be returned to where it was rented from in the condition no worse than when rented, no later than 30 minutes before the Museum closes.
8. The renter takes full legal and financial responsibility for the rented audio guide and is required to use the device appropriately.
9. The renter is required to cover the cost of repair in case of damaging the device while using it or to buy a new one in case a repair is no longer possible.
10. The renter may ask the Museum’s employee about operating the device.
11. The content of an audio guide is copyrighted- copying and/or public displaying is forbidden.
12. The renter acknowledges that when taking the device outside the Museum’s premises, a sound alarm will start automatically.