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Information about the Archive

The Archive is a part of the Collection Department and it is responsible for collecting, preserving, preparing, and making accessible the archive materials that concern the origin and the functioning of the nazi concentration camp Gross- Rosen, and the fate of its prisoners.
In order to obtain information about a former prisoner you can:

The Archive does not give any information via telephone.

Those who would like to get access to the archive collection should read the: “Regulation of Using the Archive Materials”, first.

The Archive of Gross-Rosen Museum is in Wałbrzych, Szarych Szeregów 9 (Konradów district), and it is open from Monday to Thursday, from 08.00 a.m. to 02.00 p.m., except for holidays and days statutory free from work.

Regulations of Access to the Archive Materials Collected in Gross- Rosen Museum

  1. The archive materials are made accessible after getting a permit to use the archives of Gross- Rosen Museum. Such permit is issued by the director of the Museum on application of institutions, agencies, and individual people. It is valid for one year.
  2. The application for the permit to use the documents must contain clearly described aim and subject of the work. Students, and pupils due to attach to the application a recommendation letter from their tutors.
  3. In order to facilitate the archivist’s work the date of the arrival to the Museum should be agreed prior to the visit. It will allow for the preparation of materials suitable for the subject described in the application.
  4. The archive materials are made available in the research workshop of the Museum. Every user should first sign in the “Record of Users of the Collection of Gross- Rosen Museum” , fill in the form “Application of the User of the Archives”, and sign the declaration concerning personal belongings and personal data protection. The record of ordered documents is kept by an employee of the Archive.
  5. Archive documents cannot be lend outside the Museum. It is possible to make payable copies of them.
  6. People who were granted access to use the archive materials are allowed to use inventories, catalogues, hardcopies, and other archive materials available in the Museum.
  7. Every person who publishes a work based on the archive materials collected in Gross- Rosen Museum, is asked to give one copy of such work to the Museum’s library.